The 10 most coveted countries for expatriation: Canada 1st, Qatar 5th, France absent

The Remitly site analyzed research results associated with expatriation. It has just published the most coveted destinations in the world. In this ran..

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  • November 28, 2020

France exports poor quality meat to Arab countries

Several animal protection associations have denounced the ill-treatment inflicte..

  • Blog
  • November 17, 2020

Canada ranks first in the world for quality of life

Canada ranks first in the world for the best quality of life in 2020. This came ..

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  • November 16, 2020

The majority of immigrants don’t arrive as permanent residents

Canada welcomed more than one million new immigrants during the year 2019, accor..

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  • November 12, 2020

Happening Cities in The Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Cities you must explore this summer





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