The reminder of the Moroccan past of Tlemcen is expensive for the marketing director of Air Algérie. The latter was dismissed for “serious misconduct”, reports the Arabic-language media Almasdar. In addition to the dismissal of this manager, the management of the airline also decided to terminate the contract of the company in charge of communication.

On April 15, the marketing department of the airline Air Algérie, in a message published on social networks, recalled the Moroccan past of Tlemcen. “Proud of its rich and diversified past, with its Moroccan and Spanish historical monuments, as well as its Andalusian touch, Tlemcen, the city of art and history, is nicknamed the pearl of the Maghreb”, can we read in the post.

This publication provoked strong reactions from many Algerian Internet users. In the process, Air Algérie deleted the incriminated post, and made another publication: “proud of its glorious and prosperous past, Tlemcen the city of art and history nicknamed the pearl of the Arab Maghreb”.