Canadian Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has announced record numbers for immigration to Canada in 2021. A total of 400,001 permanent residents (PRs) were welcomed to Canada in 2021, breaking an old record of more than 100 years, according to the federal Department of Immigration. This exceeds the previous record of 1913 by becoming the highest number of newcomers in one year in Canadian history.

“Last year, we set an ambitious goal. Today we achieved it. This is a historic moment for our country as we welcome the largest annual number of newcomers in our history. I would like to thank everyone in my department, especially those in our Operations sector, who made this possible. Canada is a country built on immigration, and we will continue to welcome the immigrants Canada needs to succeed. I look forward to seeing the incredible contributions of our 401,000 new neighbors in communities across the country. »

The majority of these new permanent residents were already in Canada with temporary status as temporary workers.