In the UK, Mohammed is the first name given to baby boys in 2021 by English parents. The first name Mohammed is the most worn by baby boys born in the UK in 2021, retaining his crown for the fifth year in a row, ”reports UK site BabyCenter. Names Noah and Oliver are in second and third place respectively, also retaining their positions in the rankings from last year. Nine new names are on the list of the top 100 names for boys this year. Among them are Omar (79ᵉ) and Abdul 90 (90ᵉ).

In the baby girls category, Olivia tops the female rankings, taking Sophia’s place. Fatima and Nur both moved up 20 places in the Top 100 Girl Names List. 11 new names including Lara (94ᵉ) and Mirha (98ᵉ) join the ranking this year.

Parents chose first names that symbolized new departures and trips for 2021, a year marked by lockdowns and restrictions from Covid-19, it is explained.